Insurance Transcription

Transcription services designed for the insurance industry with an accuracy guarantee.

More than two decades of experience delighting insurance industry clients.

From car accidents, to homeowners claims, to natural disasters, and more, we work with claims adjusters, agents, and other insurance professionals at insurance companies of all sizes.

Our skilled and detailed transcription team works to accurately process the recorded statements of claimants, witnesses, and other involved parties. Our comprehensive, multi-level, quality control review process, coupled with our team of experienced transcriptionists, results in error-free documents returned to you. Additionally, we can assist in handling your tedious data entry, such as entering dictated and hand-written contents into your template, spreadsheet, or Xactimate.

VIQ Solutions provides top-tier transcripts to insurance organisations, including seven of the top ten property and casualty companies around the country. Regardless of your needs, our services can be easily integrated with your current workflow. We help:


All data and information is secure while in transit and at rest, and our team is bound to strict confidentiality agreements and protocols.


All transcripts are created by a professional member of our local transcription team who is well versed in insurance terminology and supported by a quality assurance process.

Cost Savings

Our services allow you to fill the void in staffing needs, while taking advantage of our expert transcriptionists you gain cost and time efficiencies. Our reliable and professional transcription services offer unmatched value.


We have a team of highly experienced transcriptionists, with a 97% accuracy promise.


Our secure, online portal simplifies the transfer of information and enables you to remain in complete control of your requests throughout the entire document lifecycle.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are no set-up fees and no monthly subscription plans. Service is available on an as-needed basis and is non-disruptive to your current staffing or procedural operations.

We offer three transcription styles that vary in cost due to the different skill sets required to transcribe them. 

FirstDraftThe transcript is automatically generated by our industry-leading speech recognition technology. The draft is unedited and is delivered within minutes. The draft can be self-edited or routed to our professional transcriptionists for final review. Please contact us for more information.

Verbatim Transcripts: Verbatim transcription is exactly that – recordings are transcribed word for word, exactly how speech is heard on the recording. Nothing should be omitted from these transcripts except for the following filler words, if they are irrelevant to the context: “er”, “um”, “ah”, “erm” and “uh” and stutters over a word.

For example, “I saw he was de, de, de, de, de, devastated by it.

We offer several turnaround options to meet your needs based on project size, budget and timeline. FirstDraft creates machine-generated drafts using our speech recognition technology. Drafts can be completed in near real-time and routed to you for editing through our secure web portal . Our standard turnaround time is 5 business days, but expedited turnarounds, including same day, can be provided by our professional transcription team. The longer the turnaround time for professional transcript creation, the lower the cost.

We provide transcription and translation services for a variety of audio and video formats. While most digital files are ready for transcript services, some audio formats will need to be converted to a standard digital format before it can be transcribed. There may be a conversion fee for this process.

Our digital transcription software platform supports the capture of voice files using our no-cost, mobile app. MobileMic Pro provides streamlined capture from any location with a direct upload to our secure transcription management center. We also support the use of digital, hand-held recorders and provide a simple upload solution through our secure web portal. Telephone dictation is supported but will incur an additional fee.

Whether you have microcassettes, standard-size cassettes, or VHS tapes, we can transcribe your recordings. Simply contact us, and we will help you set up the mailing and processing of your tapes.

Yes, we are a full-service transcript and solutions company, we provide transcription and translation of 40+ foreign languages.

Foreign Language Transcription: We can transcribe most recordings, regardless of the language(s) being spoken. Our Foreign Language Transcription service option produces a transcript that is typed in the language(s) spoken during the recording. For example, if a recording is spoken in Spanish, you will receive a transcript typed in Spanish only.

Foreign Language Transcription with Translation: In addition to transcribing spoken foreign languages, we can also translate them into English. Given the exacting nature of verbatim translation, the language spoken must first be transcribed before producing an accurate, verbatim translation. This option produces a two-column document containing both languages — the foreign language typed as spoken, along with its translation into English. For example, if a recording is spoken in Spanish, you will receive a transcript with the Spanish typed as spoken in the left-hand column, and its translation into English mirrored alongside in the right-hand column.

Direct-to-English Translation: To provide the best value to our customers, we can also translate a recording into English. This service option produces a document typed in English only, regardless of the language spoken. Our Direct-to-English Translation option is generally selected as a cost-effective option when a simple translation into English is required, generally for informational purposes. This service option does not contain a transcription of the language as spoken. For example, if a recording is spoken in Spanish, you will receive a transcript typed in English only.

Document Translation: We can translate most documents, including hand-written notes, typed letters and public notices. We can translate a document written in a foreign language into English, and conversely, we can translate an English document into additional languages needed so your message can reach its targeted demographic.

Our general customer service team can be reached during business hours by phone or email to make sure your questions never go unanswered. A client experience representative is also available to discuss the health of your account and your overall satisfaction.