Automatically convert speech to highly accurate, searchable text within minutes.

Gain more value from your audio and video recordings with an on-demand, AI-generated documents that are quickly searchable, editable and shareable.

Simplify turning digital recordings from legal proceedings, law enforcement incidents, insurance claims, corporate meetings and other reporting quickly become valuable text documents.

Automatic, Near Real-Time Transcription

FirstDraft, powered by aiAssist™, quickly converts audio files to text with up to 95% accuracy to provide access to interviews, testimonies, recorded calls and dictations in a timely, cost-effective manner when needed. Accuracy is dependent on audio quality; additional post-processing, custom language models and dictionaries can return even better results.  

FirstDraft delivers the most comprehensive end-to-end workflow for single and multi-speaker environments where time and accuracy count.  

With FirstDraft, the file is routed to an industry-specific, speech-to-text engine, powered by aiAssist, for quick delivery of a high-quality, editable document. Once the draft transcripts are generated, they can be securely accessed anywhere, which maximises your efficiency to focus on the tasks that matter most.

How FirstDraft works.


01 Capture and Submit Recording

Record your audio with CapturePro™ or MobileMic Pro™ or upload 3rd party audio recording via NetScribe Connect.


02 Automated Transcription

aiAssist automatically converts audio to text securely quickly, with up to 95% accuracy.


03 Secure Storage

View status of FirstDraft documents securely stored in VIQ solution or download to upload to current storage or case management system until ready for review and editing.


04 Review and Edit Draft

Download FirstDraft document to self-edit in Microsoft Word or route to VIQ professional services for at least 99% accurate transcription.

Key Benefits


Transcriptions are secured with industrial-strength encryption and additional protections.


Lower cost alternative to transcribe more files efficiently when a professionally edited document is not required.


Agnostic solution for up to 95% accurate draft transcript (depending on audio quality) to review within minutes.


Latest speech engines, industry templates available to create a quick, searchable document.


Option to submit for professional editing by VIQ or download audio and draft for self-editing.

Automated Transcripts Tailored for Industries

Law Enforcement Agencies

FirstDraft allows officers to save time reviewing witness statements and dictating police reports, by automatically converting audio to searchable documents, allowing them to focus on their presence in the community and edit only when needed.

Law Practices / District Attorneys / Public Defenders

FirstDraft allows lawyers and law clerks to save time by recording audio of depositions and case notes that are automatically converted to editable, searchable documents, allowing for quick examination and efficient case preparation and review.

Insurance & Claims Agencies

FirstDraft allows adjustors and clerks to quickly record audio of field reports and interviews that are automatically converted to searchable documents, allowing them to streamline claim closures with comprehensive evidence.

Judicial & Government Entities

FirstDraft can provide an up to highly accurate transcript when verbatim transcription isn’t required for all court recordings. Easily search and submit drafts for professional editing only when needed. FirstDraft can also assist judges and public officials with quickly preparing drafts for summaries, instructions and notes.

Gain Insights from Your Data​

Learn more about how FirstDraft can quickly convert audio files to text in a timely, cost-effective manner.