Highly accurate, ai-powered transcription for quick, actionable insights

Designed to enhance decision making, document accuracy and to maximise the efficiency of your transcription workflow and processes.

Manage, convert, and analyse large volumes of audio and visual content.

Speech-to-Text Artificial Intelligence

Create an accurate record of meetings, interviews, testimony, recorded calls, and dictations in a timely, cost-effective manner. Search, share, and analyse transcription of audio and video files to improve the workflow and accessibility of content in legal, judicial, law enforcement, insurance or government industries.

aiAssist is VIQ’s multi-tenant workflow and analysis platform. It combines advanced technologies, including artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and natural language processing (NLP), with human intelligence to create documentation quickly and accurately from live, multi-channel audio and audio/video.

MobileMic Pro

How aiAssist works.


01 Capture and Submit Recording

Record your audio with CapturePro™ or MobileMic Pro™ or upload 3rd party audio recording via NetScribe Connect.


02 Automated Transcription

aiAssist automatically converts audio to text securely quickly, with up to 95% accuracy.


03 Secure Storage

View status of FirstDraft documents securely stored in VIQ solution or download to upload to current storage or case management system until ready for review and editing.


04 Review and Edit Draft

Download FirstDraft document to self-edit in Microsoft Word or route to VIQ professional services for at least 99% accurate transcription.

Automated Transcripts for All Industries


Automated speech-to-text conversion and support for client-specific workflows speed transcription dramatically


Upload audio formats of choice (including multiple files at once), to be quickly converted and collated into one draft document


Incorporates load testing, post-processing, and customer language models and dictionaries to quickly convert transcript with up to 95% accuracy


Automated transcriptions enable rapid search and indexing of audio content, easy identification of multiple speakers, recognition of non-speech noise and silence, and disambiguation of unclear audio


Supports multiple dialects, AI-enabled speech recognition and analytics tools, and customisable, specialised vocabularies


Data is fully secured by encryption and other cloud-based protections based on international industry standards, at rest and in motion

Gain Insights from Your Data​

With tools to search, share and analyse your data, see how aiAssist can streamline your workflow.