Why Verbatim Transcription Matters in the Insurance Industry

Why Verbatim Transcription Matters

Verbatim transcription can be difficult – it seems like it wouldn’t be but in general, people are trained to overlook the small words and phrases that might be deemed unimportant. Phrases such as “you know”, “I mean”, “like”, etc., are often times ignored in transcriptions.  One might assume those individual words don’t amount to much, and don’t provide any detail on a claim. However, if you don’t have a transcription provider who has staff trained to hear everything said on a file, important things can be missed.

When it comes to the insurance industry, it’s not uncommon for people to say “yeah” and “no” really fast in answering questions, often times because they have just experienced a major life event, that has left them stressed or their life has been majorly affected. Let’s discuss what verbatim transcription is, and why it is so necessary in the Insurance industry.  

What is a verbatim transcription?  

A verbatim transcript preserves every single word of text from an audio file, just the same as such phrases were spoken during the interview between the insurance adjuster and the claimant. When someone requests a verbatim copy, the requester is asking for a version that contains filler words, false endings, grammatical errors, and other linguistic signs that provide useful context and set the scene of the documented scenario. There is everything in a verbatim text. It refers word by word to an audio file submitted.  

When doing verbatim transcripts, a transcriptionist copies all the phrases that are said, including certain non-speech sounds interjections or indications of active listening, incorrect endings, self-corrections, redundant terms, and pauses. This type of transcript requires a lot of extra time and consideration to detail.  

Why does Verbatim Transcription in the Insurance Industry matter?  

A recorded statement is a key piece of evidence in the investigation of a claim. An insurance adjuster will ask for an insurance claim recording or file to be prepared so that they can then use it to determine the outcome of the claim. These must be verbatim to ensure the claim is processed properly, and fairly.  

The most common use for recorded statement transcripts is in claim files used for inter-company arbitration. Arbitration Forums  is the most popular group of insurance arbitration professionals and provides a neutral panel of claims professionals to hear cases. The organization offers arbitration through several different forums, including auto, PIP, and property forums, to name a few. Additionally, insurers might also use verbatim transcripts as an exhibit in court.  

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