Tips to create quality transcripts

Digital Transformation and Automated Transcription Services
Over the past several decades, criminal justice, legal, and insurance industries have turned to digitalization to improve operational efficiency. While human-powered transcription has been used for some time, AI-powered transcription offers new and exclusive capabilities for these industries, at a lower cost.

FirstDraft expedites transcript creation

FirstDraft, VIQ’s automated transcription service, offers transcripts in less time and at a lower cost than traditional transcription services, enabling more audio and video files to be transcribed into easily stored and searchable documents.

A high-quality audio file is the most important factor in determining the quality of a draft transcript. Here are some helpful tips to ensure the best engine output.

  • Speak clearly into the recording device for a more audible recording.
  • Avoid distracting noises such as background conversations while recording your dictation
  • Allow each speaker to finish their thought before the next person speaks. Avoid talking over each other.
  • Speak in a normal cadence. Do not talk too quickly. Speak in a normal voice. Do not whisper or mumble.
  • Do not hold the recording device directly at your mouth. If utilizing the mobile app, hold the phone out in front of you, rather than at your ear. Do not put the recording device more than 12 inches away from the person speaking.

Once you receive your draft transcript, there are multiple formatting options available to you, including font type and size, margin size, line numbering, and letterhead.

Editing shortcuts:

  • Control + F will Find a word.
  • Control + H will bring up the Find & Replace dialog box.
  • Control + Z will undo an action.
  • Control + Y will redo an action.
  • Control + X will cut selected text.
  • Control + C will copy text.
  • Control + V will paste copied or cut text.
  • Control + B will bold text.
  • Control + U will underline text.

VIQ Solutions can help.

Whether you need to dictate notes, share an interview, or easily archive more of your recorded files, automated transcription will improve your productivity.

VIQ Solutions’ FirstDraft delivers a cost-effective and secure end-to-end workflow for single-speaker or multi-speaker environments when time and accuracy count. Read our press release here to learn more.