Recording and Transcription Technology is a Natural Fit to Support Legal Industry

Recording & Transcription Tech Natural Fit for Legal
Despite the obvious need for intelligent evidentiary content, only a small percentage of the audio and video captured by legal practitioners is converted into a format that is actionable, searchable, and useful.

Recording spoken conversations, depositions, and statements in real time increases the likelihood that the evidence will be compliant with jurisdictional regulations.  Legal professionals are then responsible for large volumes of audio files as evidence to build cases. This results in a time-consuming exhaustive effort to search the audio from interviews, hearings, depositions, testimonies and more to find a specific piece of evidence, which is an inefficient process.  

Digitizing recordings to streamline workflows  

Having the ability to not only record but also have that recording automatically transcribed, provides a legal professional with a reliable, accurate and instantly searchable legal document. Including the document with case notes ensures that no information from that meeting or event is overlooked or unavailable. 

If an audio recording happens to be both transcribed and digitized, then finding and ‘unlocking’ evidentiary information within it becomes as simple as entering a search word. Having a mobile tool available allows legal professionals to easily record and get an automated transcript of various legal encounters increasing their compliance and governance. 

When your workflow includes quality audio capture and transcription technology, there is an improvement in the collection and searchability of evidentiary material. When all this technology is in the cloud, the recorded information becomes more readily available and actionable amongst key stakeholders leading to improved collaboration.  

Additionally, the convenience of having a rough draft transcript available in an expedited timeframe is incredibly valuable. Not only does it provide a visual record of the conversation that took place, but the immediacy of the process also allows that individual to remain fully focused on the task – either to act upon the information as soon as they sit down at a computer or add it to a workflow.  

This also negates the chance of omitting important case information, losing focus while waiting for a transcript to arrive, or investing several hours listening to the recording to create a written document upon return to an office environment.  

VIQ Solutions can help. 

At VIQ Solutions, we have developed a digital solution suite to help legal professionals meet the demands of audio recording and automated transcription, leading to accurate and searchable documentation. 

VIQ’s MobileMic Pro™ and First Draft™ solutions can help securely and quickly capture, create, and manage large volumes of information. Contact us to for a demo or to learn more.