Meet Caroline, VIQ’s Vice President of Product, Transcription Technology

Caroline, Employee Spotlight

What are your roles/responsibilities at VIQ? 

As VP of Product, I am responsible for VIQ’s technical vision and strategy for transcription-related technology products, including NetScribe, NetScribe Connect, aiAssist, and MyVIQ. I have spent the past five years working closely with internal and external stakeholders to drive the development of our products. I ensure that our technology solves the problems faced by the industries we serve by automating manual processes to improve productivity. I interact with our developers daily to define product features, using case creation and testing. I am currently focused on feature development to support a global reseller network to ensure that our channel partners are successful with VIQ products and have the best solutions for their success.      

What is your background and your career journey with VIQ?   

I started in transcription in 1997 as a medical transcriptionist. Then was the founder and CEO of a medical transcription company for 13 years before being acquired by a global transcription company. In this role, I was the subject matter expert on their transcription platform and managed implementations and client services. I had the opportunity to join VIQ in 2018 to bring my expertise to disrupt an industry and bring non-medical verticals into the 21st century from a technology and workflow automation standpoint. I have been the product manager and subject matter expert for NetScribe, NetScribe Connect and aiAssist for the past five years. I am also involved in bringing a new product to the market this spring called MyVIQ, an innovative ordering portal that allows end users to upload, edit, and pay for transcripts. 

What do you enjoy most about working at VIQ Solutions? What are you most proud of/most interesting project? 

It is exciting to develop products that are shaping and disrupting the industry – we are game changers!  I am most proud of NetScribe – watching it evolve over the past 5 years into what it is today is truly remarkable.

What are your favorite tools to use? 

I get great pleasure from showing off NetScribe to prospects and investors. It is a next-generation transcription workflow automation platform that leverages the advances in speech recognition and artificial intelligence. People are always blown away when they see its capabilities, and I am proud of what the development team has achieved, working tirelessly to get it to where it is today.  

What is your favorite feature?  

That is a tough one. I suppose the editing area in NetScribe because we have put in critical tools to help typists and editors be successful – up to 50% more productive, which is an outstanding achievement. In addition, our patented aiAssist product has evolved tremendously over the past four years – helping us deliver multi-speaker speech drafts in record time with extraordinary accuracy and formatting for NetScribe. 

Why is customer feedback important to you?  

Over the past five years, everything I have overseen from a product roadmap and development perspective has been based on end-user feedback and real-world use cases. Having this end-user collaboration and input is critical to everything we do. You can have what you think is great technology, but if it is hard to use or does not solve a pain point or issue, then it is of no value to the end user. We get user validation on every feature we define, develop and push out to ensure we are on the right track and that our customers are seeing real benefits from our technology. The testimonials from our internal and external stakeholders provide valuable feedback and validate their ROI with VIQ Solutions.

Thank you for taking time to learn more about our product management team.