How speech-to-text transcription helps a Law Firm streamline case preparation

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Key Benefits 

  • Saving up to 8 hours for each automated transcript of depositions 
  • Less cost with AI-generated transcripts supported by human transcription vs transcription services alone 
  • More easily dictate important notes and directions for case and trial preparation 


This Law Firm has over 30 years of experience and success in real estate, contracts, and personal injury practice. This firm focuses on developing a strong relationship with clients to empower their decisions throughout the legal process. Regardless of the type of client’s case, this firm’s full legal team reviews and discusses cases each morning to help deliver their most optimal results. 

The Challenge  

The firm documents all their depositions and important case notes to maintain accurate records when needed. Initially, the legal assistant attempted to use a transcription module to manually transcribe everything, but it simply wasn’t sustainable with her other requirements in the office. They called multiple transcription companies but found it to be too expensive to rely on transcription services alone with the volume of content required. Given the law firm only needed certified, verbatim transcription when requested by law enforcement or a court, they made the intuitive decision to research speech-to-text transcription provided by artificial intelligence. After looking at a few AI transcription websites, the legal assistant reached out to VIQ Solutions to discuss FirstDraft.  

The Solution 

This firm transcribes on average 500 minutes of depositions, pleadings, and motions each month. With FirstDraft, they easily upload recordings of depositions from their current system and have transcripts ready to review within the same workday. In addition, the attorney has enjoyed using MobileMic Pro to FirstDraft to quickly dictate important directions and notes. With all data going through FirstDraft, it helps the legal assistant optimise her case preparation process and save hours typing up and reviewing all the recordings. 

“FirstDraft has helped us optimise our documentation of depositions, 911 calls, lawyer notes and more. Though we are a smaller law practice, I believe the value can translate to larger firms and have recommended it to several paralegals I know.” 

Crystal B. | Legal Assistant 

The Results 

Prior to the implementation of FirstDraft, the legal assistant had a backlog of ten depositions. Within a week, she was able to complete seven of them, completing the rest the following week. She quickly learned how to upload, request a FirstDraft and route for transcription services to when needed, with no instructions. Transcripts that would previously take up to 8 hours to complete, can now be completed within minutes. With the automated formatting and easy searchability that FirstDraft provides, it has reduced the amount of time spent reviewing documents and miscommunications to understand what is needed for a case, especially with working remote. The lawyer even called FirstDraft a “game changer” that helps reduce the time, cost and stress to document everything. FirstDraft has proven to be a cost-effective solution, allowing the law firm to maintain written records of all depositions and dictation and only request verbatim transcription services when necessary, allowing them to focus on providing the best service to their clients. 

“VIQ Solutions allows us to upload whatever document we need transcribed and have a very fast turnaround time. We know we can count on this product to be there for us when we need documents in a timely manner and would recommend it to other lawyers and law firms.” 

Dolores B. | Legal Secretary 

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