Digitalization of Recordings and Transcripts Aids in Compliance in Financial Services Industries

Digitalization of Recordings and Transcripts Aids
Documentation within the financial industry faces high scrutiny and time constraints. Efficient recording and transcription solutions that can support compliance with industry mandates and provide stringent turnaround times are paramount.

The need for timely transcript creation. 

Finding a transcription service provider that offers a modern and digitalized approach is a necessity for Financial Services Organizations (FSO’s) that want to speed transcript creation while, meeting compliance mandates, and providing a streamlined access to information. 

FSOs rapid response to investigative requests is mandated by a host of regulations and standards, including MiFID II, FX Code of Conduct and Dodd-Frank. Regulators and legal teams may request transcripts of trade-related calls, in addition to a complete set of voice recordings, to enable a more transparent market 

Accurate recordings lead to accurate transcripts.  

Whether initiated by regulators or internal initiatives, the review of the audio recording of meetings, events and conference calls is quite common. To meet the stringent time frames, in some case within 48 hours, companies require the use of digitalized solutions to record and transcribe these events while bringing a high level of security to these important documents. Digitizing the capture of audio with modern solutions that provide a secure encrypted process creates not only an audit trail for that document, but also creates an efficient process for FSO’s to meet compliance timelines and governance requirements. . 

Accessible and searchable transcripts create compliance efficiencies.  

With an automated transcript in hand, FSO’s can quickly find metadata to identify compliance risk using a simple search function eliminating the need to a sift through hours of recordings. Automation saves time and minimizes the burden of growing financial regulatory requirements by helping firms provide comprehensive evidence of compliance.  

VIQ Solutions can help. 

At VIQ Solutions, we have developed a digital solution suite to help FSO’s meet mandates, all while gaining accurate and searchable documentation. 

VIQ’s MobileMic Pro and First Draft solutions can help FSO’s securely and quickly capture, create, and manage large volumes of information. Contact us to for a demo or to learn more.