Automated transcription helps improve situational awareness for law enforcement

automated transcription, situational awareness
Police departments and law enforcement professionals around the country need digital solutions to ensure productivity, efficiency and safety when creating thorough, timely and accurate reporting. However, many agencies realize they may lack the right tools to achieve optimal efficiency — resulting in loss of situational awareness. Law enforcement agencies need to streamline and simplify the administrative aspects of creating documents in a way that promotes improved situational awareness.
What is Situational Awareness?  

Situational awareness is a critical skill for police officers and law enforcement professionals, who must make quick decisions under high-pressure in high-stakes circumstances. By improving awareness, officers can make decisions that better protect their own safety and the safety of colleagues and the citizens they serve.  

Law enforcement personnel are often expected to complete an accurate account of all incidents, interviews, and investigations in a timely manner, which can mean that transcripts are manually created in the station, after hours. With an investigative case frequently resulting in hundreds of typed pages of interviews, notes, evidence documentation, live interview recordings and a summary of the cases, this can add extra time, stress, and fatigue to an already overworked employee.  

The result is lower situational awareness while in the field. Law enforcement personnel and officers are not transcription experts; therefore, it takes much longer for them to complete a transcript, which in turn delays the case, and can compromise the validity of the transcription. 

Digital Solutions for law enforcement  

Officers need solutions that automate the transcript process to simplify the creation of these recorded interviews, field notes, dictated supplements, summaries, and more. With an automated transcription solution, officers can spend less time at their desk typing, while preventing burnout and reduced situational awareness, and spend more time in the field, focusing on protecting the community they serve.  

What is automated transcription for law enforcement?   

With an automated transcription solution, audio files can be captured using any third-party recording solution. Using artificial intelligence, the recordings can quickly be converted to text resulting in an editable rough draft of the written content of interviews, testimonies, recorded calls, patrol reports and meeting notes in a timely, cost-effective manner. 

VIQ Solutions FirstDraft™ can help.  

VIQ Solutions’ automated transcription solution, FirstDraft™, delivers the most comprehensive end-to-end workflow for single- and multi-speaker environments where time and affordability are key requirements. FirstDraft provides a simplified workflow with expedited access to draft transcripts and supports self-editing or optional editing services by our trained team of editors. The solution makes multimedia content verifiable, searchable, editable, and shareable.  

What are the benefits of VIQ Solutions FirstDraft automated transcription?  
  • Efficient: Provides a near real time draft transcript. 
  • Safety: Using a solution to complete transcriptions allows criminal justice professionals to focus their time on the safety of the community.  
  • Cost Effective: Creates a lower-cost alternative when a professionally edited document is not required. 
  • Flexible: Easily manage and download transcripts from our online portal 
  • Cyber-secure: The technology and services platforms are implemented in the most rigid security environments with all data being encrypted at rest and in motion. 

VIQ Solutions can help reduce burnout and elevate situational awareness of your law enforcement team. Contact us today to learn more.